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We are a non-profit business start-up that sells fresh produce and quality meat at affordable prices. By cutting out the supermarket and buying from wholesale distributors, we are able to save our customers almost 40%. Our goal is to make it much easier for Bay Staters to eat healthy and delicious food. We launched in 2013, working to deliver our food to community centers and churches in Franklin County. We package our food and include enough to feed a family of four dinner each night for a week. We want it to be really easy for anyone to enjoy our products.

For your convenience, listed below are our scheduled delivery days for the year:

December 9

January 27 (2019)

February 24

April 14

May 19

(Dates are subject to change due to weather)

 The Center For Self-Reliance in Greenfield

The Center For Self-Reliance in Greenfield

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